1. what is a dollar

    Most days in the studio are very busy.  I can often be found at the head of a long line of children, each eager to share a story, or to have something attached with hot glue, or to procure a newly threaded needle, or to plan their latest creative endeavor.  Today was no different.  As I worked and listened and assisted, I glanced… Continue Reading »
  2. Ward Hobbs February-March Newsletter

    Hello from WHAM,                                                                                                   Feb-March 2013   February was a busy (short!) month at school. We hope that those of you who were able to attend the parent studio night enjoyed participating in Angelina’s awesome vision. We baked, decorated and devoured cookies for Valentine’s Day and had an art project provided by Anika W. Our unit… Continue Reading »
  3. collaboration and scaffolding

    This week Amy and I collaborated in the studio.  We worked with our extended primary children to further explore ideas, interests and questions that have evolved during the year.  We identified several topics of interest: volcanos, animals, people, planes and toys.  Each child joined one of these groups based on observed engagement over the year.  The groups met with… Continue Reading »