A Visit From Birds

In the winter the children collected pennies and brought them to school.  I’m sure you remember helping them with that.  Then some of the teachers asked children how the money collected might be used to help someone or something.  Ideas flowed from children:  We should help babies in Africa, or an organization that works with birds, and another one that helps cats and dogs.  They had one more idea but on Friday afternoon, sitting here in a too-quiet school, I can’t remember what it is.

The money went in four different directions, following the children’s wishes, and today we had a visit from a Senegalese Parrot and a Cockatoo and their handlers.  They were from  Colorado Parrot Rescue in Littleton.  The afternoon children sat on our  stadium-seating-like steps and watched the birds watch them.  The birds were impressive.  The  children were more impressive.

The children, from toddlers to extended primary,  listened to lots of grown-up talk about birds.  They asked intelligent questions.  They sat quietly for a LONG TIME.  They didn’t poke their friends.  They followed directions.  They exhibited all the intensity and fascination with the natural world that children who are not over-stimulated use to connect witih reality.  It was a half-hour spent during a week at Children’s Garden that left me with a satisfied feeling that we are having a positive effect on many young lives (not to mention a few parrots!)

I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend with your families.  We will see you and your children on Monday.

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