Our Environments


Entering Children’s Garden light-filled rooms, visitors are met with a calm productive hum of activity; young children engaging in spaces outfitted with just the right size tables, chairs, furnishings and implements. The classrooms welcome children with their long low shelves filled with carefully designed lessons, inviting them to touch, experiment and learn, and build their ever expanding capability and independence.

Children move freely through the different areas, selecting different ways to play and work; on their own, in pairs and in groups, at tables and on the floor, with friends or teachers. The classrooms are rich with sensory and cultural expressions, and ways to grow understanding and skills related to practical living, vocabulary and literacy, quantity and numeracy, geography, culture and arts, science and nature.


Located in the center of the school, the studio is a  unique classroom used at various times by all the children. In this bright, warm room, children are encouraged to express their interests in a variety of creative “languages”. This dynamic environment is ever changing based on the children’s investigations.


Frequently where children start their day, the natural playscapes invite our young students to climb, run, balance, explore, pretend or just sit quietly and smell the flowers.  An extension of the classroom, children participate in the natural world by growing foods they can later eat and caring for the environment as they compost, plant, water, and even weed. Exploring, growing, learning and playing thrive in our outdoor environments.

Surrounding Community

Nestled in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, a community alive with shops and galleries. The children are able to connect with this community in guided walks, discussions and observations.