Category: The Studio

  1. farewells and new beginnings

    It is here.  The end of another school year and I can hardly believe it is nearly over.  It has gone by so quickly.  Not long ago Kathryn Ross and I were seated at the large… Continue Reading »
  2. what is a dollar

    Most days in the studio are very busy.  I can often be found at the head of a long line of children, each eager to share a story, or to have something attached with hot glue, or… Continue Reading »
  3. collaboration and scaffolding

    This week Amy and I collaborated in the studio.  We worked with our extended primary children to further explore ideas, interests and questions that have evolved during the year.  We identified several topics of… Continue Reading »
  4. asian festival

    Today we culminated our studay of Asia with an Asian festival…the countries represented were China, India, Thailand, Russia and Japan.  It was a fabulous explosion of discovery. And a feast… Continue Reading »
  5. watercolor

    I challenged the children this week to create a line drawing of their favorite animal from memory.  The results were wonderful. This is such a fun time of year, when… Continue Reading »
  6. Toddler’s in the studio

    Toddler day in the studio and we shifted our focus from making art to having experiences and the tods LOVED it.  The tunnel was a great success… as was a… Continue Reading »
  7. Story People

    Story people have emerged in the studio after a mother’s night when we introduced the process of making clothespin character’s.  Hot glue is now an essential element in the studio… Continue Reading »
  8. self portraits

    Parker, age 4 All of us, no matter whether we are three years old or one hundred and three, are asking directly or peripherally “Who am I?”  The answer to… Continue Reading »