Category: The Studio

  1. Earth Week

    “Solicitous care for living things affords satisfaction to one of the most lively instincts of the child’s mind.  Nothing is better calculated than this to awaken an attitude of foresight. Maria Montessori Maria Montessori was primarily a city dweller.  She was born in Rome and opened her very first school in Rome, but ended up… Continue Reading »
  2. spring flowers

    Denver is blooming with an extravagant array of spring flowers.  The children and I have been talking about the seasonal changes and the accompanying color, variety and beauty.  Today we decided to clip a few branches from our beloved crab-apple trees in front of the school and bring them into the studio to create a still… Continue Reading »
  3. fresh versus dried

    You may remember a recent post in which the children were seen tasting a variety of foods and exploring sour, sweet, salty, etc.  Well, during that tasting, several children were shocked to discover the origins of a raisin…A GRAPE…impossible.  A couple of our oldest children suggested that we investigate the difference between fresh and dried… Continue Reading »
  4. A taste experiment

    How do you describe a taste?  As adults we take for granted words like: salty, savory, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, but what if you tasted something, maybe for the first time, could you describe the flavor in words or might it be easier to draw the sensation.  During a recent experiment from the Studio,… Continue Reading »
  5. puppets and jelly fish

    The studio environment has shifted in response to our recent parent night.  Parent’s night in the studio is an annual event, when the parents are invited into the studio (without their children) to experience art and expression consistent with their child’s experience and contribute to the ongoing creative dialog in the studio.  This year the classrooms added ideas garnered from child interest… Continue Reading »
  6. a puppet collaboration

    Amy Laugeson (our wonderful ceramic teacher) and I, partnered up to bring a new kind of puppet to the studio.  Amy spent two days working with the children in the studio, with me at her side, making ceramic puppet heads using a raku clay.  The children were invited into the studio and after an introduction to… Continue Reading »
  7. drawing

    After realizing that the children could use some basic drawing support, I determined to fill the center table in the studio with a beautiful still life of natural materials and spend a day focused on looking and drawing what we saw.The children enjoyed the process of examining shells and flowers.  With 6B pencils on white 6 x… Continue Reading »
  8. Toddlers in the studio

    The toddlers discovered the light and shadow theater and much to my own delight, I rediscovered the beauty of silhouettes.The children enjoyed watching their friends move and pose inside the theater, resulting in a shadow play for the gleeful audience. This new discovery has left me wondering how to further this interest during toddler studio… Continue Reading »
  9. The studio

    An interesting discovery happened this week, when a young boy entered the studio while his older sister and a few other XP students were giving an impromptu puppet show using their own hand-made puppets.  This boy wanted to join them using a puppet of his own and uncertain how to make one to his satisfaction, he… Continue Reading »
  10. puppet show provocation

    On Monday, January 9th, we hosted two fabulous puppeteers from Colorado Springs, Glenn and Linda Brown, who performed a unique rendition of the little red hen during a morning and afternoon assembly. (They have spent many years in Japan performing and learning their craft.  Hoods are common to Japanese puppetry, preserving the theatrical element and maximizing attention… Continue Reading »