January Newsletter

WELCOME to our old and new toddler families!  We have sure gotten this year off to a great start and certainly looking forward to the following months to come.  So far this month we have been getting to know our new friends and families and they all seem to be doing beautifully!

Just a Reminder:

Please label ALL clothing, including socks, bows, gloves and hats.  We try to keep track but aren’t always successful.  Also with the weather being so fickle we also ask that dress them warmly because we try to spend a some time outside everyday unless the temperature is below 20 degrees.  So again please label jackets and snow pants as well.


Toddlers very much enjoy learning life skills.  The Toddler classroom provides the opportunity for the toddler to acquire the skills to “do it myself”.  Some ways in which to support your toddler is to let them change their own shoes, pants and shirts.  Dress them in “easy” clothing so that they can practice changing themselves, and remember to slow down.  Toddlers have their own clock.

Here are the words to Little Red Box:


I wish I had a little red box, to put my good friends in

I’d take them out and *kiss, kiss, kiss

Then put them back again


I wish I had a little red box, to put my bad friends in

I’d take them out and *finger shake, figure shake, figure shake

Then put them back again


I wish I had a little red box, to put my monsters in

I’d take lock them up and throw away the key

And never let them out again!




Lydia B. , Iliana D.,  Benjamin K. , Ryan R. , Julian F. , and Sloane G.

Wish List

We can always use more wipes, diapers and any old shopping bags that you may have laying around.  Also we love books. Our books can always use a facelift.  We love to have parents or caretakers in to spend time with their toddler so please give us some dates that you would like to come in to volunteer, read, cook or craft and we will put you on the calendar! Once the weather gets nice we will start to take the toddlers on walks in the wagons and  you are always invited to join us!


We’d like to wish Happy Birthday to:

Greta B.   January 22

Fisher V.   January 16


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