Toddler Newsletter May 2012

We are down to the last month of school!  It is hard to believe another school year is almost completed.  We really enjoyed spending time with each of you during parent/teacher conferences last month.  It is so helpful to hear from all of you about what changes you are seeing in your children at home.  We really appreciate the time to share information with you about what is happening at school.


We are looking forward to celebrating a wonderful year of creativity in the studio with the Arts Festival.  The festival will be Thursday, May 10 from 5-7pm.    This is a wonderful time for the entire family to enjoy the wonderful work that all the children have been doing in the studio this year.  There will be snacks, music and a school filled with festivity!


We will be celebrating Earth Day this month by inviting parents to come in during the school day to do some planting with their children.  We have a wish list of items we need on the clipboard.  We ask that you come at a time near the end of your child’s class, so that when you are finished planting they can leave with you.


We will start doing more outdoor time and open our doors to have an outside environment as an extension of our classroom.  The children LOVE this!!  Please remember to put sunscreen on your children.  We are also going to put out more food prep works.  This is when the children can choose a work to do things such as spread cream cheese on a bagel, or cut bananas, or crush pretzels to give to the squirrels.  They LOVE doing these works as well!



Just so you know, Coco will be leaving school a couple weeks early to go to Chicago for the summer.  Her last day will be Thursday, May 24th.  Ruth will substitute for her.


We are singing our butterfly song on a regular basis as we continue our celebration of spring.   We also started singing a new song called The Days of the Week this month:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Tell me what day is Today

Raise Your Hand

CLASSROOM     ACTIVITIES:  During the month of May we will     continue our study of insects and will be talking about spring, planting,    seeds and gardening.  We will also have a flower arranging activity out in the classroom every day.  Please send flowers along with your snack so that we can do this.



Jaylen Jackson 5/16/10                Camila Rojas Salcedo 7/11/09


Glen Shaw –     Coffee for teachers & Silly Doggy .  Anika Williams – Starbucks &     diapers.  Audrey Williams – plastic     bags.  Lori Sherry – banana     bread.









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