toddlers and pudding

Chocolate pudding paint? Well why not? I began with a table covered in plastic wrap and taped with blue painters tape (for no other reason than it was in large supply), then I emptied two cups of shiny, sweet smelling chocolate pudding onto the surface. I encouraged the children to use their hands to explore the pudding paint, much like finger paint.
While they work, I asked questions, like, “What does it smell like?”, “What does it look like”, “What does it feel like?”, etc. It wasn’t long before a child decided to pose a question of their own, “What does it taste like?” and of course, there is only one reliabe way to answer that question…taste it.While we painted, we made a batch of pudding. The empty bowl soon filled with chocolate brown powder, cold milk and the swirling whisks of many small hands. Once they returned to their class we all sat around a table and enjoyed small paper dixie cups filled with chocolate delight.

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