1. Parent – Teacher Conferences

    Tomorrow and Monday are special days at Children’s Garden, filled with a sense of excitement that comes with close communication and simply a break in the normal schedule.  Teachers dress… Continue Reading »
  2. spring flowers

    Denver is blooming with an extravagant array of spring flowers.  The children and I have been talking about the seasonal changes and the accompanying color, variety and beauty.  Today we decided… Continue Reading »
  3. A Visit From Birds

    In the winter the children collected pennies and brought them to school.  I’m sure you remember helping them with that.  Then some of the teachers asked children how the money… Continue Reading »
  4. Happy Colorado Spring!

    Hi all and welcome back after a warm and delightful spring break! We as teachers are so refreshed and happy to be back in action!  We hope all of you… Continue Reading »
  5. Happy Colorado Spring!

    Welcome back to school, everyone!  I thought you might enjoy seeing the school before the children return tomorrow morning.  Work days around here appear to be chaotic, although beneath the… Continue Reading »