A Snowy Valentine’s Day

Children’s Garden celebrates holidays in a low-key way, and I know that because I talk to teachers from other schools.  There was a lot of pink here today for sure, and flowers were delivered, and cupcakes were baked.  Mothers spent time in all the classrooms decorating cookies with the children,  and plans for the evening were discussed.  It’s  a special day for sure, but not crazy special.  Crazy, as far we we are concerned, serves young children poorly.

I walked around the school on this gray day and have a few photos to share  as our Valentine to you!

Reminders:  The school is closed tomorrow – Friday the 15th, as well as Monday the 18th.  The Unbirthday Party is Sunday, February 24, from 11:00 to 1:00 at Dardanos.  The Children’s Garden Unbirthday Book List is on Amazon.

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