Application Process

How to Apply to Children’s Garden Montessori School


Before applying, we invite interested parents to attend an Open House Parent Preview. Prospective parents may also wish to observe a classroom in action. See Open House and Observations for registration information.

Step 1: Come to an Open House, which includes a presentation, viewing of the school and time to discuss with admissions staff, teachers and other parents. Parents only; Open House registration is required.

Step 2 (optional): For parents who have attended an Open House presentation, we invite you to come for a classroom  observationObservations are by appointment.

Step 3: Applications for the enrollment lottery will be available online October 15, 2019 and February 15, 2020 is the deadline to submit an application to be included in the lottery for the school term beginning Fall of 2020. Applications received after February 15 will be added to wait-lists as they are received for rolling openings.

Apply – Lottery & Waitlists

Enrollment is open to children 18 months through Kindergarten age, with the application process beginning in the fall prior to the year of desired enrollment.  Upon receipt of your application and a non-refundable application fee children’s names are placed in age and gender based lottery pools. Enrollment offers are made through this lottery system.

  • Applications received by February 15 are sorted by program, gender and 10 different age groups; a lottery is conducted for each group.
  • Lottery ordered numbers are assigned to each child within their age/gender group.
  • Notification letters with the numbers for each child are sent by email or post no later than March 15th.
  • Offers are then made by email or phone using these lists as they come open throughout the enrollment period – March through May – as well as through the summer and ensuing school year if space opens.
  • Enrollment offers made from the lottery lists have 24 hour courtesy hold time before the space is offered to the next applicant on the list.
  • Parents should plan to visit the school before the March lottery.
  • Applications received after the lottery deadline are applied to wait-lists as received for rolling, “Round 2” openings. Offers for rolling openings do not carry a 24 hour courtesy hold.

After your school visit please complete and submit the application online.

Application fee: $65 Payment may be made through PayPal account or credit card.There is no application fee for children for whom you are reapplying or for Round 2 applications. For other application fee waivers please contact the admissions office.

Let us know if you have questions! Contact the Admissions Director at