How does the lottery work?
After the application deadline in February, applications are sorted according to program, time slot, age, and gender, with separate lotteries for each category. Applicants’ names are placed in the lotteries that apply according to the options selected. Corresponding wait-lists are built from lottery results and are used to complete enrollment after returning students are placed. Siblings and children of alumni have some priority consideration within age and gender categories. Placements are then offered from the lottery generated wait-lists.

Unless enrollment is offered, your child’s name will remain on a wait-list for the school year for which you apply. The wait-lists are used to fill spaces as they come available throughout the spring and summer ahead and into the school year. They do not roll over to the following school year. We will call or email to offer a space if one becomes available. You do not need to confirm your wait-list status.

Lottery deadline
For inclusion in the lottery, an application must be received no later than February 15th.

Round 2 wait-list
Applications received after the February deadline go to a Round 2 wait-list to be considered for admission if the corresponding lottery wait-list is empty.

Notification of enrollment availability
The lottery is conducted in early March and parents are notified, by email, by the 15th of March. Notification includes either an offer of enrollment into a specified program and time slot, or wait-list placement status. Any availability after the initial lottery results will be filled directly from the wait-lists. We will offer spaces as they become available. Lottery applicant enrollment offers have 24 hour courtesy hold for a decision before the space is offered to the next applicant on the list. Parents confirm enrollment with a fee due within 2 days of offer.

Enrollment priority
Re-enrollment for children currently attending the school and their siblings is conducted in February and March. These children have priority. We also strive to create age and gender balance in each class. As re-enrollment is completed we know how many spaces in each age and gender grouping will be available for the following school year.

How many openings do you normally have each year?
Although every year is different, we typically enroll approximately 15 to 20 new children throughout the course of a school year. We tend to have more openings in our afternoon programs.

If my child does not get in as a Toddler, is it too late to apply in the pre-school?
Absolutely not! Space in the Toddler program is limited, and there may be more openings in the Primary (pre-school) program, especially in the afternoon classes.

Do you offer full day programs or Kindergarten?
Only our oldest of children at Children’s Garden stay for a full day (8:15 – 2:45). Our Extended Primary/Kindergarten is for children who are 5 or close to 5 at the start of the school year and who have attended the Primary Program for at least a full year here or in another Montessori school. For many this is their Kindergarten year. All other children are eligible for enrollment in a half-day class.

How do I get the application process started?
Call or e-mail the school for a brochure and admission schedule. These are available in November. Attend a Parent Preview information session, and submit your application and fee before the February 15th deadline. Parents may also want to schedule a classroom observation after attending a Parent Preview. Parents should Preview the school before the March lottery as placement decisions have a short turnaround time.

Do you offer tuition adjustments?
We strive to make our programs affordable for familes. Anyone may apply for a tuition adjustment. Ability to pay does not affect an offer to enroll. After an enrollment offer, parents may apply to have tuition adjusted based on income. Decisions are based on individual circumstances. See tuition support or contact our Admissions Director for more information. All assistance inquiries and applications are confidential.

Get in touch For additional information sign up for a Parent Preview, call 303-322-0972 or e-mail the admissions director at .