Happy Colorado Spring!

Hi all and welcome back after a warm and delightful spring break! We as teachers are so refreshed and happy to be back in action!  We hope all of you had a lovely and relaxing break, the children are already buzzing around and enjoying the new works that we put out for them.  This time of year we are preparing for Spring conferences and lots of fun outside observing the signs of spring.  Being Colorado we can expect, as we saw today, all kinds of crazy weather so please keep that in mind when coming to school each day.  We will also be trying to take walks in our cool toddler carriers around Cherry Creek so voluteers to come with us is always welcome!

With all this play outside, we ask that you please slather on the sunscreen before coming to school.  We have some new shade but the sun can be mighty strong in the afternoon.  We will also be using the water table more often so be prepared for wet clothing because they love to play in water!

Some new things we will be trying out this month is food preparation with your toddlers, such as bagel spreading, banana slicing and cracker crushing.  We are always working to build their independence and since of community and preparing food and sharing it with their fellow classmates is a good and yummy way to do this.

This is also a good time of year to ask our parents to please come into do different projects! We love to eat and also it is a good time to start some planting of seeds.  If you would like to come in to cook, do some art or do some planting please let us know!

Happy Birthday!

Till S.                    April 27, 09

Maya W.              April 28, 09



Anika, Travis and Callan W. for the yummy starbucks, carrot cake and lovely red umbrella for the sandbox!;  Georgia M.  for the daffodiles; Eloise H. for the wipes;  Ellis S. for the wipes; Waitman J. for the yummy cookies; James and Audrey W. for the delicious brownies and Eve Marie E. for the book Big Hugs Little Hugs.

We want to thank you all for spoiling us rotten with your generousity and being such a wonderful community of families!

Also last reminder is to please write us emails if you have some questions we will check it at least once a day and get back to you within 24 hours!


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