My Favorite Time of Year

With December and the winter holidays and festivities over, I found myself anticipating the transition back to school life and schedules with mixed emotions. I love the holidays –  the lazy mornings and days filled with abundant fun, and don’t relish returning to hurried mornings and slogging through snow to get to school on time. But, every year when the New Year starts and the children return to their classrooms, I am amazed by the atmosphere of peace and productivity. The entire school seems to breathe a collective sigh of contentment.

Since we returned, I find myself drawn to wandering through the classrooms and studio to watch and listen to the children. I see children seek out familiar, favorite works, and then discover the new materials the teachers put together on the in-service day. I notice how the children handle the regular chores of pushing in chairs, rolling up rugs, washing snack dishes and switching from outdoor gear to slippers with casual efficiency. They are confident in their ability to decide upon and take on challenging activity.  The heightened and somewhat frenectic energy that began to permeate the atmospere before the holidays, has disappeared and we are again enveloped in the deep gratification young children have for routine, working, learning and being together. This is worth getting up early for!

Posted by Jamie Boes

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