November/December Toddler Newsletter

This year has gone by so fast, we can’t believe it’s already December!  Thank you for taking the time to come in and talk to us at conferences.  We love talking about your kiddos!  Also, it is so insightful to compare notes on how your kids are doing at home and at school.  It is a great opportunity to figure out how to optimize your child’s experience at school.


Toddlers very much enjoy learning life skills. Activities, which up until now have been going on around them but which they can now do themselves, are seemingly irresistible: getting dressed, preparing snack, setting the table, washing dishes, sweeping the floor, etc. . The Toddler classroom provides the opportunity for the toddler to acquire the skills to “do it myself”. We also have put many food prep works, which the kids love. You can do this at home by setting up a tray with the materials either to cut fruit or vegetables, or make a mixing work with lemonade (they call this the “coffee work” in our room.)




.Here are the words to sleeping bunny song…one of their favorites –


See the bunnies sleeping until the afternoon.

Come and let us wake them, with this merry tune.

1-2-3… hop little bunny, hop, hop, hop.

Hop little bunny, hop, hop, hop.

Hop little bunny, hop, hop, hop.

Hop little bunny, hop, hop, hop.



GOODBYE to the big kids!  Quinny, Elie and William are moving on the primary class from the Toddler a.m. class in January!  Elle, Van and Bennett are moving from the Toddler p.m. class to the primary class! We will miss them!  But, we will still see them around!


Thank you to the Hayes, Borgens, Oxenreiders, Boucs and Jacksons for     the plastic bags.  Thanks to Fisher’s     grandma Nancy for reading.  Thank you     to the Shaw’s for the breadsticks, soccer ball, calendar and     instruments.  And thanks to the     Borgens and Wickstroms for the boxes to make our train.  We appreciate all of your generosity!



We’d like to wish Happy Birthday to:

William Oxenreider        November 23              Quinny     Sherry             December 15

Presley Finley              December     2                 Elle Shaw                    December 18

Bennett Buese             December     8                 Van Bouc                    December 28



Wish     List

We would love to have some     parents come in and do holiday/winter themed projects with the     children.  We were thinking that     decorating gingerbread houses/cookies would be fun, but any other ideas are     welcome too!  OR – just come in and     visit and hang out!  We clean up at     10: 15 to sing songs.  So, when you     do come, make sure that you plan to stay until the end, so that your child     does not get upset when you leave.




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