Support & Fundraising


Approximately 85% of tuition income is used to pay the teachers’ salaries and benefits. We feel fortunate to have a highly qualified and dedicated faculty.  We are committed to maintaining a topnotch staff with a minimum of turnover.  In order to do this, salaries need to be competitive with the market.

The remaining 15% of our tuition income must cover the mortgage, utilities, insurance, maintenance, administrative costs, supplies and some scholarships.

Money raised through fundraising and contributions helps to: provide teacher benefits (including, but not limited to teacher training, conferences, continuing education); fund our Artist in Residence program; bring outside resources into the classrooms; support our scholarship program.

In short, your contributions allow us to provide a full and diverse experience for the children.

This year, we are participating in Colorado Gives Day.  Colorado’s largest day of giving, Colorado Gives Day, is taking place on Tuesday, December 4, 2018. On this day, thousands of people come together to support nonprofits in Colorado like ours. We hope you will join us in making a gift to support Children’s Garden on Colorado Gives Day, December 4, 2018.  You can schedule your donation online now or anytime until December 4.

Fundraising Events

Fall Fundraiser: Each year our parents decide on a Fall Fundraiser.  Previous fundraisers have included The Children’s Garden Annual Fund, Wine Tasting and Auction, the Unbirthday Party, Note Cards, Arts Festival, and Memorial Bricks.

Arts Festival (Spring): The annual Arts Festival is held at the school and celebrates the children’s art experiences for that year.  The children’s art work and the work of visiting artists and artists in residence are exhibited. Donations are accepted to help fund the arts program.

Un-Birthday (January/February)The party is for the entire family and features age-appropriate activities and games for the children as well as refreshments.  Prior to the party, the teachers make up a “wish list” of gifts the teachers would like for the classrooms; families can make contributions to cover the cost of items of their choice


Annual Fund: Contributions to our Annual Fund help to support our teacher benefits program.

Scholarships: Over the years, some of our families have chosen to fund a scholarship for a child or teacher.  These include the Zach’s Place Scholarship for faculty.  This scholarship, in memory of Lee Woodworth and Zach Hills, allows teachers to continue their education in the arts.  The 9/11 Children’s Memorial Scholarship funded by Ken and Lynne Siegel, in memory of Zoe and Dana Falkenberg, helps to support a family in need of tuition assistance.   The J.J. Sullivan Scholarship was created to support the child of a single parent. If you would like to contribute to any of these scholarships or start a new scholarship fund, please contact the office.

Giving Stocks: If you are thinking about making a donation to Children’s Garden, think about giving shares of stock.  This is a great way to save your family money while helping your school.

When you donate stock you get the tax deduction on the donation at its appreciated value without paying capital gains tax on the appreciation.  For example, suppose the shares you purchased a few years ago for $100 are now worth $1,000.  If you donate the shares to Children’s Garden you offset the $1,000 donation against income and also avoid the tax on the $900 capital gain (that’s why it is better to transfer stock than sell it and give the money to the school).  Children’s Garden will sell the donated stock and deposit the money into the Endowment Fund.

To make gifts of stock, contact the school for further information. Please notify the school of any transfers, so we may acknowledge your gift.