Parent and Infant Classes

Parent and Infant Classes are not currently offered. They may be offered again in 2022.  Please check back for updates.  Thank you!

This is an auxiliary class that operates outside of school hours, a couple of times a week, for parents who are interested in learning more about the Montessori approach for infants less than a year old. *Participation is not connected to enrollment in Children’s Garden Montessori School.

The class takes place in a Montessori environment designed specifically for infants. For the 75 minute session the infants will explore, learn, and interact with other children their age. Parents will learn to read their baby’s cues by watching, listening to, and observing their child.  We will talk about what we have learned from observing the infants in class and Rose will lead discussions on topics such as sleep, nutrition, diapering/toileting and how to bring the Montessori Philosophy into the home environment. This is a great opportunity to meet and talk with other parents. The class is open to infants 3 months to 12 months old*.

The class is led by Rose Henson, American Montessori Society certified former teacher.  Rose has many years of experience with children and infants and enjoys talking with parents and sharing what they know.

Contact: Rose Henson at