September Newsletter

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Children’s Garden Toddler Community.  We hope everyone had a great summer, and we are very excited that the new school year is beginning!  We enjoyed meeting all of our new families during the home visits and at the Meet and Greet.  The children have all done a fabulous job during the first few weeks of school.  It is a big adjustment for your child to walk through the gate on their own each day, and they are doing beautifully.


As every parent knows, it takes only the smallest change to throw a Toddler’s day out of whack.  A missed nap, a smaller-than-usual breakfast, a visiting relative, a move out of the crib and into a bed are all enough to disrupt a child’s natural sense of order and routine.  Please let us know if anything different is happening in your child’s life.  This information can help us to better respond to your child’s individual needs.  No piece of information is too small!  Anything you would like to tell us, we would like to hear.


We realize that parents may have more detailed questions about how their children are doing in the classroom during these first six weeks.  We will be calling you starting the week of October 1 to discuss some of these things.   This call is intended to give you more information about how your child is adjusting and to answer any questions you might have.  If at any time you have questions, please feel free to call the school and leave a message for one of us and we can call you back when we are not in the classroom.  We also have our toddler email set up so you may also email us at .  Please feel free to call us directly as well.  Coco at 303.733.7153,  Rose at 720.936.0363 and Belle at 843.343.9359.             .


We know that it can sometimes be harder on the parents when they aren’t sure what is happening behind the gate, but rest assure after the first six weeks  we welcome all of our parents to come in and visit with your child while you see firsthand what they have been up too.  We encourage you to come and do a project, cook, or just come for a visit.  We use the first six weeks in order to have child become familiar and comfortable with their environment so they can see that this is THEIR place. So thank you for your understanding and patience!




In this section of the newsletter we will highlight an important area     of Toddler development or Montessori philosophy as it relates to the     toddler classroom.  This month’s     topic is Independence.  One of     the main goals of the Toddler environment is to encourage the children to     become independent, and to allow them to explore the environment and     manipulate the objects in the environment freely.   Activities     are positioned around the room for toddler to choose.  They have freedom of movement to explore,     and they are given the time they need to complete what they start.  Each activity deals with a particular     theme, skill, or subject of value to toddler development.  The activities will change and evolve as     the child grows physically, emotionally and intellectually.



Snack Day in the Toddler Classroom

We thought it would be fun for each child to bring their favorite book from home on their assigned snack day.  We plan to read these books aloud to the group during circle time, and then we can send the book home with your child at the end of the day.



We’d like to wish Happy Birthday to the following     individuals this month:

Giffin Wickstrom        September     27, 2010

Olivia Blomgren          September     30, 2009

Songs at Circle Time

We sing songs every day at circle time and we have found it helpful to provide the words to one of the songs we’ve been singing in the monthly newsletter.  That way when your child starts singing a new song at home, you can sing along.  This month, we are including the words to the Little Red Caboose song: 

(arms in marching motion at side like a train engine turning its wheels)

Little Red Caboose, Chug, Chug, Chug

Little Red Caboose, Chug, Chug, Chug

(point your thumb over your shoulder to indicate at the back of the train)

Little Red Caboose, Behind the Train, Train, Train

(pat your back to indicate the train’s back)

Smokestack on his back, back, back

(use your hand like a train coming down a steep track)

Coming down the track, track, track

(arms in marching motion at side like a train engine turning its wheels)

Little Red Caboose, Behind the Train

(Pull your arm down in a motion like you are blowing the train’s whistle)

Whooo, Whooo!


Introducing our Floater

During the first six weeks of school, we will have a third teacher in the toddler classroom each day in order to assist the children with the transition into the school environment.  It helps us to have an extra set of hands to help comfort the children who are upset, or to help establish our classroom routine.   Ruth O’Connell worked with primary-age children for many years and now floats between classrooms.  She is the grandmother of 6 year-old twins and a 15 year-old girl.  She knows all of our returning Toddlers from helping in the Toddler classroom last year, and has done an amazing job of getting to know all of our new Toddlers this year.




Thank you to our Room Parents, Maren Hayes (AM) and     Courtney Rutkowski (PM) for the summer gatherings!

Thank you to Glenn Shaw for the sunscreen!

Thank you to all of our families for making this year     already such a wonderful experience!




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