stone soup and grandparent’s day

On Tuesday November 20th we celebrated Grandparent’s Day at our school.  We spent several weeks prior to the big day talking about Stone Soup.  I told the story of Stone Soup to each of the primary classes and we sent out a sign up sheet asking for our families to bring in a variety of things to add to the soup to reenact the story as a community and to remind each of us that sharing and opening our hearts and cupboards in the joy of giving is what really makes stone soup delicious.


The children spent several days carefully cutting vegetables into small pieces for the soup.

On Monday evening, we place all the ingredients (plus stones) into two crock pots and left them to cook over night.

By the time we had returned on Tuesday morning the school was filled with the aroma of SOUP.  Grandparent’s arrived throughout the day and when they visited the studio they shared a bowl of soup and some amazing soda biscuits made by Mary Untermeyer (THANK YOU MIMM!!).

As an activity, I had prepared birds and stars in tag board to receive our blessings and gratitude’s.

The grandparents worked with their grand child to write down and illustrate the things for which they feel particularly blessed and then hang their star or bird from the waiting blessing trees.

It was a lovely day and a wonderful celebration of family and community.

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