the first week of fall

The leaves are swaying toward a colorful farewell. Trees are donning golden dresses and the mornings are far cooler than they were just a few weeks ago. Autumn has arrived. In the studio we have been busy exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials.
This child is using liquid watercolors (I prefer them fully saturated, rather than watering them down) on 120lb cold-pressed watercolor paper.
The effects are beautiful and reminiscent of the changing colors emerging outside.
The morning classes took a “Signs of Fall” walk to the park and I was invited to join them. While many of the children scurried across bridges, up ladders and down slides, some of us investigated pastels on black pastel paper. Pastel paper has more “tooth” than construction paper and is archival, thus preserving each artistic rendering over time.
On thursday the toddlers enjoyed applying liquid watercolors to 6″x6″ squares of watercolor paper.
While the XP students added watered down color to spay bottles and experimented with the effects.
Meanwhile, puppets continue to emerge in the studio, with several new ones born daily. I introduced a book of puppets made by Paul Klee called Hand Puppets to several of the older students. They were entranced by his creations and came up with several new ideas for making puppets. I will continue to follow this interest in the weeks ahead.
The school is preparing for our annual fund raising auction and the studio is also being used to complete parent led art auction items with each class.
I hope all of you take a moment to breathe in the fresh air of a changing season and enjoy the magic of creativity within you.

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