Toddler Newsletter March 2012


Toddler Class Newsletter – March 2012

The children have really been enjoying a little warmer weather which has allowed them to play outside again.  It has been fun to watch how happy it makes them to spend time outside each day.

This is the time of year that we notice the social relationships between the children really begin to grow.  They are now very familiar and comfortable with each other and enjoy engaging each other on the playground and in the classroom.  Rather than the typical toddler parallel play, we see them wanting to play together more frequently and when we see this happening, we try to facilitate their ability to do this successfully.

We are excited about many of the new materials we put out for the children during the last Teacher Work Day.  The Primary and XP children have been studying both the oceans and Antartica, so in order to connect with the older children we put out a few ocean and Antartica works as well.  The children have enjoyed working with the stuffed penguins, the penguin puppet, the fish matching work and the sink and float work, in which they drop different objects ( a plastic shark, a marble egg, etc.) into a bucket to determine which items sink and which float.


One of the songs that the children like is the “Ten Horses” song.

(Let the children choose other colors that they want their horses to be.  There will be 2 colors.)

Ten horses came galloping into town (hide hands behind back and then bring hands out in a galloping motion with all ten fingers)

Five were ‘black’ (hold up one hand)

Five were ‘brown’ (hold up other hand)

They galloped up (raise both hands up)

They galloped down (bring both hands down)

And then they galloped out of town (put hands behind back again)

(clucking sound with your tongue, like a trotting sound).

WISH LIST   We can always use more playdoh in our classroom.  We are in need of plastic bags for our classroom.  We use them to throw diapers away, so if you have any extras at home, please bring them in! Also, we would love for you to come in and do a cooking project with us.



We’d like to wish Happy Birthday to the following individuals this month:

Georgiana Mechem                             March 15

James Williams                                    March 21

Leighton O’Shaughnessy                    March 22

Eve-Marie Eisenger                             March 30

Boden Johnson                                   March 31

THANK YOU:  Thank you to the Williams for the book – Things That Move, the starbucks treats and for coming in and doing the cookie project.  Thank you Beverly Jackson for the map rug.  Thank you to Rutkowskis for the Bumble-ardy book.  Thank you Blomgrens for the cookies.  Thank you  Coughlons for the diapers.


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