What’s Been Happening in the Classroom?


The first weeks of school are about getting back into the routines of the classroom.  For the children it is about how to change their shoes or put on their own jacket.  They also are learning how to choose their own work and how to have snack with a friend.

In October, we started a study of Vincent Van Gogh.  We have talked a lot about sunflowers, self portraits, and other famous works by the artist such as Starry Night and the Church at Auvers.  If your child continues to be interested, the “Becoming Van Gogh” exhibit will be at the Denver Art Museum through January 20.

November is a month of where we talk about all the things we are thankful for.  It culminates in Grandparents’ Day right before Thanksgiving.  We really enjoyed having all the grandparents and special friends who joined us on this day.  Look for your child’s picture from this special day.

We are excited to meet with each of you during conferences to share with you what your child has been doing so far this year.

Looking ahead to December, we will be studying orchestra instruments and the Nutcracker.  We hope to share the famous story with your children, and will also be talking about the musical instruments featured in each section of the ballet.


Happy Holidays!

Vida, Kristen and Melody

440 Classroom teachers


Thank You

Our classroom would not be the same without all the help and support we receive from our parents.  We have such a supportive community!!

Thank you to the Finleys, the Eisingers and the Schmidts for the graham crackers for food prep.  Thank you to the Dunns for the pretzels for grinding. Thank you to the Merciers for the bananas for food prep.  Thank you to the Kurzs, the Eisingers and the Reinhards for the pickles for food prep. Thank you to the Smiths for the sunflowers for our study of Van Gogh and the paper plates for snack.  Thank you to the Dunns for the grapes for food prep.  Thank you to the Rapps and the Reinhards for the clementines for food prep.  Thank you to the Merciers and the Williams for the soap pumps.  Thank you to the Rusts for the wood glue.  Thank you to the Reinhards for the stars and to the Schmidts for the bells for holiday craft activities.  Thank you to everyone who donated items for the Stone Soup for Grandparents’ Day.

Thank you to Lori Sherry, Tom Finley and Sunhee Hodges for reading to the children.

If we’ve forgotten to thank you for something you’ve donated or done for us, please accept our sincere apologies.  Please know that we appreciate everything that you do for us.  We’ve been keeping a long list of things to be thankful for and our list was overflowing!


Grandparent’s Day in 440


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