Ward-Hobbs Back to School Night

Ward-Hobbs Parents, please join us for a virtual  presentation from your children’s teachers and view a delightful slideshow of the children’s days at Children Garden. We look forward to seeing you there!

Extended Primary (XP) Info Night

Parents, this is your opportunity to be an XP'er! CG teachers will introduce you to the elements of the Extended Primary program. Join us for a Zoom meeting. Look for the link in the all-school newsletter after the Thanksgiving break.

Class Family Picnics — Toddler 5:00pm; 440 and Ward-Hobbs 6:00pm

This parent organized event is for Children's Garden children and families. Join your class for a family get-together at Observatory Park, 2930 E. Illiff Ave. Bring a picnic if you like and save room for a snowcone from the food truck!  Toddler classes meet at 5:00pm and Primary at 6:00pm.