A taste experiment

How do you describe a taste?  As adults we take for granted words like: salty, savory, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, but what if you tasted something, maybe for the first time, could you describe the flavor in words or might it be easier to draw the sensation.  During a recent experiment from the Studio, Angelina asked the children to do just that.  Each child, with eyes closed sampled an olive, a lemon, a piece of candy cane, a chocolate chip and a kalamata olive.  They were so trusting during the process and eager to experiment with new and familiar flavors.  Some interesting questions emerged as a result of our inquiry.  One centered on dried fruits.  How is a dried cherry different from a fresh one?  What is a raisin?  These questions will certainly show up as future experiments in the studio.  In the meantime, have fun describing your gustatory delights with your child- in words, drawings and more.Come into the lobby for a full documentation of the children’s artwork and a few photos.

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